Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Once again, another month and no post - I will get better at this I swear:) Well, we've had quite a busy month - I absolutly LOVE summer - and all that it includes: days at the beach, swimming at the lake, running through sprinklers, blow up swimming pools, chalk on the sidewalk, popcycles...I just love it all. It's also been a sad month - on the 5th I turned 30 and I am still in morning for my twenties, but the true pain came on the 23rd when we celebrated Nathan's first birthday - we miss him so much.
The day after Nathan's birthday, we went up to Brad and Amber's to play. Their house is absolute heaven for my boys. They fish and hike and play in the waterfall and play in the dirt (snow if it's cold). And to top it all off they have a little boy who is 3 that lives across the street who loves to play and is great at sharing all his cool toys. So, we spent the day hiking with everyone and our dogs down by the water and up the trail, then riding in AJ's cool Jeep, and any other crazy thing the boys could think up.

*the random picture in the middle of Briley and me was from my 30th Birthday - I tried to put it in another order, but I just couldn't figure it out.

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