Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Loose Tooth

I was loading the kids into the car tonight to go to gymnastics. I had already got the boys in, and as I was heading out with Briley, I heard Dane screaming. I immediately thought what now?! Upon entering the car I was informed that Dane had decided he wanted a loose tooth like Brock, and Brock was more than happy to knock it loose for him....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Dreams

Yesterday while we were driving in the car I was talking with the kids about what they want to be when they grow up - this is always good for a laugh. Brock used to say a paramedic, but in the past few weeks he's now decided he wants to be a train conductor. Dane however has the most interesting change in career goals:) Instead of being a fireman which has been his #1 choice for quite some time, now, he wants to "Grow snow and build weeds in the mountains."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fall Trees in Winter:)

Daddy is at a wedding today, Grammy is at a work conference and it's too cold and wet outside to go out. So - I had to think of something fun to do to keep the kiddos from tearing the house down. I pulled out the art boxes were I keep our supplies and art project ideas. I had seen this idea in the Family Fun magazine, and thought the kids would enjoy it. It's a Fall project, but I thought they'd never know the difference as long as they were painting. As soon as I showed them what we were doing, Brock had to pipe in with "Mom why are we making Fall trees if it's Winter?"
Despite the fact that we had our seasons wrong - they still had fun :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Much Fun

Cheesy title I know but I couldn't help it. I took the kids up to the mountains on Monday since it was a holiday to visit Baby Brody and play in the snow. They had a blast. I have a bunch of other pics on my moms camera of our beautiful snowman, but I'll have to share those on Friday when she comes to visit. In the mean time here are a few I took with my camera. Isn't it beautiful. This is in my brothers front yard. You can see his beautiful house in the back ground of one of the pics.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If only I had a picture

This weekend we were at a party with about 50 people. We'd been there for about an hour or so, when I had to run to the bathroom. With all kiddos accounted for and playing in the backyard, I quickly ran in the house. The party was outside, so I asked a few people to keep an eye on a kid... or 2:) As soon as I got back I quickly did a head count - I must do that 30+ times a day:) Anyways I started.. 1,2,3... oh no Dane!!! Instantly I regretted saying anything out loud. Once I'd counted the other 3, and my eyes landed on the #4 - I instinctly cried out " Oh no Dane" - which immediately caught the attention of just about everyone at the party. Instantly I regretted saying anything, because now... every one's eyes were on my 3 year old... with his pants down around his ankles peeing off the patio onto the grass where all the kids were playing. By the time I reached him he was well into his pee, and there was no way of stopping the long held pee then. I tried to cover him with my body, but it didn't hide anything. At first I was horrified, but as I squatted there next to my smiling, peeing little guy, all I could do was join the rest of the party in laughing. Once I got his britches up, my husband was there to give me a big hug and quote my favorite line - "what can you do?:)"
This is definitely a story that I will be saving to share with a girlfriend some day. If only I had a picture to go with it:)

Jersey Shore Baby

No, I don't watch the show - okay, wait.. that's not true - I did watch it so I knew how to dress for the party, but no I don't usually watch it. However, it was fun being "Snookie" for a night out with my man. We went to a "Jersey Shore" birthday party, and yes we went in public with the big doo, little skirt and sharpie tattoos.


And so it begins:) I spent a lot of my childhood on the ball field watching my brother play - baseball was his sport of choice for many many years. My husband played most of his childhood as well. His dad was even the president of the little league at one point. Now that Brock is 5... t-ball begins:) Dane CAN"T WAIT until he's 5 and can play too. Looking ahead, I can't even begin to imagine how many hours I am going to spend at practices and games screaming my boys on:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Little Star:)

This morning Dane's preschool class lead chapel. Dane even got to hold the flag and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. I have to admit I was holding my breath the entire time knowing that at any minute he might get a "great idea" and use the flag as a spear. Thank God his teacher knows him well. As soon as he got the little smirk on his face and lowered the flag into "stabbing position" she quickly and quietly took the flag back:) He had so much fun on the stage.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Or as we affectionately call it... the "spike-a-roo-doo:)"