Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I was checking a friends blog who is in the process of moving, and she posted a few pics of her kids rooms as she got them set up. My oldest saw the pics and asked where the pics of his room where. So, I thought let's share. I LOVE touring and seeing other peoples homes. I do a little interior decorating on the side, and I love seeing what ideas other people have had. So, Brock and I grabbed the camara and shot some pics. This is Brock's room. Our "Fishing Hole".

Then there's Dane's "Surf Shack"

Next, Little Miss Briley's "Pink Sugar" room

Last but not least...our PLAYROOM:)


:corinne: said...

Super cute stuff Shan. You have such an amazing eye for decor girlie! Love the rooms.

Bridget said...

I love their rooms. I love the chalk wall in the playroom, how fun! Can Briley's room get any more girly???Love it!