Friday, October 16, 2009

First (real) Bath

I took Caed to the doctors (for the 15th time) yesterday and finally got the okay to give him a bath - we've been sponge bathing. We had a problem with his circumcision - it's been HORRIBLE!! My poor baby has had to go through five procedures, because they didn't do it right in the hospital - it's a LONG story, but I'm so relived to say that everything is fine now:)
He loved his bath:)


Brianna said...

poor little guy. Great pictures!

Lisa Hunter said...

Shannon~I'm so glad to hear that things are finally better! Poor baby had to go through all of that. I still have a gift for him. Let me know if I can drop it off sometime next week :)

Cari~ said...

Poor baby. I'm so glad things are better!
love to you~