Tuesday, February 16, 2010

If only I had a picture

This weekend we were at a party with about 50 people. We'd been there for about an hour or so, when I had to run to the bathroom. With all kiddos accounted for and playing in the backyard, I quickly ran in the house. The party was outside, so I asked a few people to keep an eye on a kid... or 2:) As soon as I got back I quickly did a head count - I must do that 30+ times a day:) Anyways I started.. 1,2,3... oh no Dane!!! Instantly I regretted saying anything out loud. Once I'd counted the other 3, and my eyes landed on the #4 - I instinctly cried out " Oh no Dane" - which immediately caught the attention of just about everyone at the party. Instantly I regretted saying anything, because now... every one's eyes were on my 3 year old... with his pants down around his ankles peeing off the patio onto the grass where all the kids were playing. By the time I reached him he was well into his pee, and there was no way of stopping the long held pee then. I tried to cover him with my body, but it didn't hide anything. At first I was horrified, but as I squatted there next to my smiling, peeing little guy, all I could do was join the rest of the party in laughing. Once I got his britches up, my husband was there to give me a big hug and quote my favorite line - "what can you do?:)"
This is definitely a story that I will be saving to share with a girlfriend some day. If only I had a picture to go with it:)


Susie said...

Shannon- this reminds me of when I was potty training my 3 year old last summer. We were outside the gate of his work waiting for my dh and there was absolutely no bathroom in sight and she announced that she HAD to go. WHat was I to do? I opted to let her go outside on the lawn- there was no one around.

Fast forward a week later- we were outside in the front yard with our friends and my daughter just pulls down her shorts and starts to go in the grass. I was mortified! After all, I taught her it was okay to go in the lawn!

At least little boys have a little advantage and can make it more discreet :)

Ken said...

Shannon - just wait til he write his name! He'll make his mark on a wall or something :) I love your posts - thanks for giving us a glimpse of your life w/ 4 little ones.
Love, Aunt Nancy

:corinne: said...

hee hee I so wish I saw it. Bummer.

Loni's World said...

Hilarious! lol That would have been a great picture to share with his future GF!