Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caed's Dedication

On Sunday, we had Caed dedicated. This afternoon while I was at the school picking Brock up, one of the mom's asked me what that meant. I have to admit, I was excited to share. Being a parent can be overwhelming. They are completely dependant on you. Not only for their physical needs, but their emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Life can get crazy, especially with four little ones to bathe, dress, feed, entertain, teach.... the list goes on and on:) But nothing is as overwhelming as the huge sense of importance I feel for their spiritual needs. Bobby and I pray with and over our kids everyday. I pray God will give me wisdom and patience. I pray he will surround them with angels for protection as well as around our home. I pray for their friends, the ones they have now, and the ones they will make that will have huge impacts in their lives. I pray for their future spouses - that they are being raised in Godly homes with healthy examples of good marriages. I pray God will help me be the mommy that they need so they can be the men and woman that God desires them to be. It's overwhelming, and so important. With dedicating Caed, we are making a public commitment before family, friends and our church to raise Caed in a way that honors the Lord. To do all we can to guild him and teach him and pray that he makes and eternal decision to serve and follow God by asking Him into his heart. On Sunday, our pastor asked us to share a verse that we chose for Caed. It was the same that we shared when we dedicated Briley. Matthew 5:16. It's about letting your light shine. I pray that my kids, all of them are lights to their generation for Christ. That God uses them in mighty and powerful ways. And I pray God gives me wisdom to help them along the way.

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Anonymous said...

beautifully said Shannon...congrats! I'm sure it was a beautiful day!