Wednesday, October 29, 2008


As some of you may know, along with our three kiddos, we also have three furry babies: Bailey, our yellow lab, Jada, our black lab, and Snack our cat. Jada is our female, and unlike Bailey she is not fixed. We thought that once the kids were a little older we'd breed her and let them experience puppies. I'm afraid this may be happening sooner than we'd planned, and not akc lab puppies like we'd planned. Last night Bobby and I were watching TV when Bobby looked down at Jada sitting on the floor next to us, and noticed she was leaking milk from two of her nipples!!! She was in heat about 7 weeks ago, and we are usually very careful. Our dogs are indoor dogs, Bailey is fixed, and when Jada's in heat I usually walk her out back to go potty and stay with her until she's done, and walk her in. We live up in the hills and we have coyotes all over the place - we've even seen them in our backyard. Bobby said he wasn't quite as careful, and a few times when I wasn't home and he let them out, he'd leave them out back for a while. He though nothing would come near Jada with Bailey around. So... this being said there is a possibility that a sneaky neighbor dog (who too wander in to our yard) or a coyote got to Jada. We looked online and according to the pregnancy chart if she is pregnant, she'll be delivering within the next two weeks, and leaking nipples is a sign labor is coming!!!! If there is anyone out there with any puppy experience, or who can think of any other reason this may be happening besides pregnancy, please let me know. We did change there food a few weeks ago. I'm praying that this a because of the food change...

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