Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What was I thinking?!?!

Yesterday I took the kiddos to the library. I've been talking with the boys about this for a while - getting them ready. We talked about the library rules - especially about being quiet, and talking about BORROWING books. We have a lot of books at our house. It's often a special reward - a new book. However, books don't always survive - especially with Briley. I wanted to make sure they really understood how important it was to take extra special care of these books since they aren't ours and we have to take them back so others can read them too.
I reviewed all the rules on the way there. However the quiet part DID NOT seem to sink in with Briley. The library was full over 40-50 people there when we entered. I quickly made my way to the children's section - I knew I had to make it fast before someone - Briley- lost it. She was in the stroller - not her favorite place.
We quickly found books, and then I decided to push my luck and head to the adult books for one for myself. What was I thinking? The rows there were close. Close enough that little Miss Briely could quickly reach over and remove books - on both sides! Instant mess. I just grabbed a close book, prayed it would be worth my time, and headed up front. I had promised Brock he could get his own card now that he is 5, so I had to move over to a small table in the middle of the library to fill out his form. That's when Briley lost it. She had had enough, and with the stroller no longer moving - she wanted out NOW. I realized then that we were hitting the terrible 2's a bit early, as she screamed, arched and swung with all her might to get out of the stroller. Of couser everyone in the entire library was staring at me... at the four of us. This set Dane off as well. What was I thinking?!? Next time I think little Miss Bri will need to stay home with her Grandma - I am not putting myself through that again.

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Loni's World said...

Aww sorry to hear it was a bad trip. Who cares what other people think, you shouldnt have to keep your kids from enjoying the place just because they are a little cranky. After all they have a kids section so what do they really expect? All of the "kids" to be silent? I doubt that could ever happen.
Look at it this way the more they go the better they will be :) Plus all those grumpy people need to relax lol