Monday, May 11, 2009

What a week!#&^*!!

So, Saturday was Corinne's Triplet shower. It turned out great, she looked beautiful and we had over 100 people show:) I'll post pics in a bit. I'm just so excited for her:)That day was a long time coming, and I had a hard time holding back my happy tears:)

The week leading up to the shower was a tough one though. There was alot to do, but thank goodness I had so much help - that wasn't the problem. The problem... flu and hormones. Briley and Dane both came down with the flu - yes running from both ends. It finally got to the point were I considered just setting them in the tub naked so I could keep rinsing them down (I didn't actually do that, but after sooooo many soiled clothes....)

Then the hormones - mine that is... I've had a really hard time this pregnancy. I've never struggled like this before. It started with constant anxiety - my heart was always racing, then that lead to a few weeks of real depression (for no good reason - things are going great, but I just wanted to curl up and have a good long cry - again for no real reason). Thank God I knew it was just crazy, so I could keep talking through the crazy feelings with my husband, who for some reason seems to think it's kind of funny. I never struggled with these kind of emotions with any of my other pregnancies. And now, I'm having HORRIBLE heart burn that is literally keeping me up most of the night!!!!

I'm usually not too emotional of a person. I usually don't cry very often, but lately..... it quite often - multiple times a day. Happy tears, sad tears... what ever!! We were joking about it with my family yesterday, and of course there goes the water works. Almost the entire church service (By the time it was over I don't think I had any makeup left on) the worst part, sometimes I'm just crying, and I have no idea why and I can't stop (like during church). My mom and Bobby couldn't stop laughing, which didn't help.

So, to sum this all up - I think I'm loosing it!!! Please pray I can pull through this with my sanity in tack!


Bridget said...

oh my gosh this sounds like me when I was pregnant with Landen. I was so depressed and didn't know why and I would cry all the time for no reason. Your a beautiful pregnant mommy with lots on your plate (3 lil ones) hang in there!

Loni's World said...

:) Glad to hear the baby shower was a success.

Hang in there you are not alone. Many many women face that. I know how you feel about the anxiety and depression although I have not been prego I have suffered through those emotions most of my life. The anxiety was a new emotion for me and it went 5 years undiagnosed, It is really good that you are aware of the emotions and understand them. Feeling like you are going crazy is the worst part because you start to believe it.

You are doing the right thing by talking about it, maybe you can find someone to talk to about everything.(other than people that laugh, sometimes its good to laugh but other times we need an ear)

I will pray for you to get through this (I know you will).

:corinne: said...

You'll get thru it girlfriend. I'm so glad we're going thru this together. Plus I don't think I'm myself emotionally really. Just a few more months. You'll get thru it. Huggs.