Friday, August 7, 2009

This weeks photo card

I was uploading some pictures that I took this week to the computer and I thought I'd share a few. We've had another crazy, busy week. Brock had golf camp this week - which he LOVED. Dane got to join him two days on the driving range with Daddy - which he LOVED. I think my husband has two Tiger Woods in training. I'm sure Briley will be out there too soon.
I also found out starting this week that I have to go to the hospital twice a week to have 1-2 hour stress tests done on Caed - along with my weekly appointments for diabetis (at another hospital) and my weekly OB appointments!! What the heck!?!? How am I ever going to get to all these appointments??!?!
This week was also my birthday :( How is it possible that I'm 31?!? I swear I only feel about 24.
Tonight Bobby and I are going away to celebrate. I'm so excited for the break. We're staying in Laguna, hanging out at the pool tommorow and getting massages. That makes it so worth getting another year older:)
Anyways, here are a few random pictures.

Brock's shoes - Check
Furry Purse - Check
Bib in case I need a snack - Check
Pocket full of coins - Check
Extra ribbon, just in case - Check
Okay already to go shopping:)

Don't TOUCH my SIPPY!!!!!

Just too cute... how is this baby already 3?!?

Off to golf

Dane and Daddy - getting ready for the tour:)

Watch out Tiger... here comes Brock!


Melissa said...

Have fun in Laguna. Sorry I missed your birthday dinner but Happy Birthday. A massage sounds so nice...

Loni's World said...

First off Happy Birthday!!! (fellow Leo, mine is the 14th!)

Her pics are too funny. I love the close up of the crying. (wait that sounds mean, lol well you know what I mean I hope)

How fun! I love watching the little kids golf, it looks like everything shrunk.
Go mini Tigers.

Have a great getaway.