Monday, August 3, 2009

We've finally figured out the baby's name!!!!

A few weeks ago, while I was looking through our baby name book I came across a name I really liked... Cade. Jace was still my #1 choice, but I knew I needed another idea in case Bobby shot that one down. I told both Corinne and my mom about the name Cade, and they both seemed to like it too, but I didn't tell Bobby - I wanted to save it:) until he came up with an idea. Then, last weekend we were driving to my cousin's wedding; Bobby was in the car with the kids, and I was in our other car (I'd been doing the bride's hair, so I was going to meet them there).
He called me, and said he thought he figured out the baby's name. I held my breath... then he said... Caedmon, and yep... we'd call him Caed!!

Now the best part - why Caedmon

Caedmon was the first recorded English poet. He lived during 600 AD.
Here's a brief summary (sorry about the wording, it's a translation from an Old English Encyclopedia) about who he was and the impact he had for Christ:

In this abbess's monastery was a certain brother particularly glorified and honoured with a divine gift, in that he fittingly was accustomed to make songs, which pertained to religion and virtue, so that whatever thus he learned of divine letters from scholars, those things he after a moderate space of time he brought forth, in poetic language adorned with the greatest sweetness and inspiration and well-made in the English language. And by his poem-songs the spirits of many men were kindled to distain of the world and to service of a heavenly life. And likewise, many others after him among the English people endeavoured to compose pious songs, but none however in like manner to him could do so because he had learned not at all from men nor through man that he songcraft learned, but he was divinely aided and through God's gift received the art of poetry. And he therefore he never could make any sort of lying or idle songs, but just those alone which pertained to piety, and those which were fitting for his pious tongue to sing.

He also has an awesome Christian band named after him; Caedmon's Call. During my second trip to Africa, we had their 40 Acers CD with us, and played all summer on our boom box in the jungle. I absolutely love the CD now, and it has so much significance to me, because it's kind of become the soundtrack to that amazing summer and the life changing experiences that I had.

So, with that being said, looks like our new little guy will be:

Caedmon Jace Hartz, and yes we'll call him Caed:)


Loni's World said...

Yay! Cute name.

Anonymous said...


I go back to your story about your trip to Africa about your friend and the passport, I copied it and shared it it is still gives me goosebunps....anyways great name, I wish you the best....

I know I keep saying it...I need to visit you and go shopping....X-mas will be here sooner than I want
I have a few be-lated gifts waiting....

Bless you