Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Baby Yet

Last night I was up most of the night. At 1:00 we almost went to the hospital. My contractions were 8 mins. apart, but then they slowed down again. They've been happening all night and all day yesterday, but they are only about 12-15 mins apart. I have three Dr. appointments today. This morning is my in depth ultra sound to make sure the baby isn't too big, and to see if we need to induce, then I have a diabetic appointment, and then at 4 an OB appointment. I have a pretty strong feeling that at my OB he'll check if I'm dilated (just like with Briley) and I'll see that I'm around 5, after three days of contractions, and he'll send me to the hospital. Once he breaks my water, It doesn't take long after that. So if this happens like last time, I think we'll have a baby tonight. I was hoping on making it until Wed. night so I can be there for Dane's first day of preschool, so If I'm not already at a 5, I'm hoping to hold off for one more day. But, after no sleep last night, I'm not sure I can make it.
I am getting tired of constantly getting ready over and over. Getting the house cleaned, sheets changed, laundry done, fridge stocked, and then having to do it all all over again.


Bridget said...

OH you poor thing! I remember getting a pedicure with pink toes ready to deliver only to have to get them done again! haha nothing like being all ready except the baby isn't!
Hang in there!

Cari~ said...

Oh Shan...
I can so relate. All of my babies (that I tried to give birth naturally to) were two weeks late. Those last two weeks were the worst BY FAR of the entire nine months.
I will pray for baby to come tonight!!!!
Love and prayers,

Marie Evelyne Lanathoua said...

praying for you Shannon for a safe and healthy delivery!!!!