Friday, September 4, 2009

Poop Party!!!

Yesterday we had our Poop Party... finally:) Dane has been wearing underwear for months now, but he still wont poop on the potty. I've tried everything, but he just holds it all day until we put the pull up on at night, and then he goes. We've tried no pull up at night - then I just end up washing sheets every day - NO fun. I offered a new toy - that worked for Brock, when he pooped, but Dane wasn't interested.
Dane is my food lover (remember all he wanted for Christmas was M&M's). So when he told me he wanted a cake with fire and all, I was more than happy to agree. We've been talking about his cake for weeks, but still no poop in the potty. We'd even gone to the bakery to pick out some options - still no poop in the potty.
So, for the last three days, I've opted to not use a pull up at night, in a desperate attempt to get this taken care of before Caed arrives and I end up with three in diapers!!! Yes, I've been washing sheets EVERY STINKIN DAY!!!
Yesterday, I came down stairs to find my huge dog Bailey had peed in my mud room during the night. I swear he pees as much as a horse. Three beach towels later
and a bucket of hot soapy water I had finally got that mess cleaned up when I noticed Dane sitting on the sofa with a funny look on his face. Sure enough, he'd pooped and peed in his pants, on the sofa (let me add that I'd just bathed and dressed him). So I tried to stay cool, picked him up and moved him to the bathroom. I stripped him down, cleaned him up throw his clothes in the wash with the beach towels from the dog (the sheets were in the dryer now), and headed to the sofa to try to fix that mess. While I was scrubbing away I began to hear a faint splashing sound. Now Dane was peeing and pooping on the tile floor!!! What the .... Oh, but it didn't stop there. After those two messes were cleaned up, and I was back in the laundry room adding more towels to the wash I heard a soft grunt. Yep, this time he pooped on the kitchen floor. I finally realized he wasn't done, and had him sit on the potty. And then it finally happened. The last tiny two pieces made it into the potty. So yes, we had to celebrate our part success:)
Did I mention that in the mean time sissy pooped as well, and thought she'd be helpful by taking her diaper off herself!!!!
Anyways, I eventually got everyone cleaned up, and we headed to the store to buy our poop cake. Although, I've got to be honest I wasn't in much of the celebrating mood:)

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Susan said...

ahhh... those are the days, aren't they??? when you just pray to God that he will allow you to not burst into a million pieces in your frustration? hurrah that he finally used the potty (at the end) and for a poop party! I haven't heard of that, but I am still waiting for my son Andrew to do this on a regular basis and maybe we will celebrate with one of these/use one as incentive. I thought we had it down, but I was wrong. So wrong...