Friday, December 18, 2009

26 Christmas cups

This week, of course the boys have had tons of Christmas activities at school. Every day they've needed to bring something in addition to backpacks, lunches and homework. They've had to take gifts for gift exchanges, gifts for teachers, art supplies, board games, library books, reading logs, goodie bags, party supplies... On Wednesday, Brock need to take "26 Christmas cup cakes - or so I thought. So Tue. I had to load everybody up and head to the grocery store for cupcake mix, eggs, oil, frosting, paper cups, and decorating supplies. When I got home I realized that somehow I'm missing my second cupcake pan - how does that just disappear?!?!? So, I could only make 12 cupcakes at a time. With nursing, diaper changing, kid wrangling and dinner making in the mix, it took me like three hours to make, frost and decorated all the stinkin' cupcakes.
When I picked Brock up from school on Wednesday, I asked him how his party was and he replied, "Mom why didn't I take cups like I was supposed to?"
Yep that's right... in my sleep deprived state of being I somehow saw "26 Christmas Cupcakes" when it really said "26 Christmas Cups".


Susie said...

Oh no! You poor thing, I bet they were really tasty, though!

:corinne: said...

Ok I'm sorry girlfriend but I'm totally laughing. Cuz I'm with you! I probably would have done the same thing in my sleep deprived state. I'm sending you a BIG Hug.