Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My First "official" product review

I know in the past, I've shared about awesome products that I've come across - remember the AWESOME boogie sucker - I still can't live without that:) However, my first "official" review is coming:) I was just asked to review a product from
When I was a teacher, I had the opportunity to help select the curriculum for the English department for the entire school district. It was going to be used for the next 7 years. I took the responsibility very serious. It ended up being a lot of extra work, but very very much worth it. Being the representative for the sixth grade level, I was giving everything (all the accompanying material) from three different companies. Much more material than the district would be purchasing even if we went with that curriculum. But, for that 6 month trial time, my students got to benefit from all the extras, and we used it all.
So with that being said, I once again was excited to try something new out with my kiddos and share our experience. Then, the problem arose. I went to the site yesterday to find a toy that my three oldest (5, 3 and 2) could all use. The problem wasn't finding something, but trying to decide which one. I was SOOO impressed with the site. I don't think I've found a site that has a better selection of, and is so well layed out. They literally have thousands of online toys, categorized by age, gender, and activity (educational, dress up, outdoor, building, arts and crafts and so on). And... the best part... the price! I usually find online toy stores to be a bit pricier than say Walmart or TJ Maxx which yes, I buy most my toys from. However, I was really pleased to see great prices. If I hadn't already finished my Christmas shopping, I would have through this site. I definitely plan on returning for birthday presents.
I LOVE their arts and craft section. I buy A LOT of arts and crafts. I feel like I am constantly trying to come up with activities for my kiddos to do. And their selection of educational toys is great. I don't home school - in that, my kids do (well Brock does) go to public school, but I do home school in that, we spend a lot of time working with the kids, teaching them, and going on educational field trips. I try to buy toys that will enhance their learning, and teach through play. I like games that will teach and challenge. With that being said, I think - after literally hours of going through the site I found the ideal toy to try out.
So, keep your eyes peeled because the review is coming soon. In the mean time head over there and check it our for yourself. They also have a baby section - I found some great stuff that I'd like to get for Caed as well. They carry everything from furniture to toys.

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