Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It will "ROSE" again

Well, as a lot of you know, my brother Brad is a high school teacher and this week his school is out for spring break. So, he invited me up for the day with the kids to go fishing. Brock LOVED fishing with Uncle Brad, Dane LOVED all the dirt, and Briley loves everything as long as she's being held (I LOVE my infant carrier:). Well, after a very successful few hours we headed back to Brad's house. I hadn't planned on taking any fish with us, but 6 of their catch had swallowed the hook, so Brad decided to take those trout home since they were going to die anyway. However, Brock had other plans. When he realized we were going to leave the fish at Uncle Brad's he had a bit of a fit. He really wanted to take all 6 fish home to show Daddy. How could I say no. So we threw them in ziplocks and headed down the mountain. Of course we hit traffic, and I was sure after hours in the car things were going to start stinking bad - luckily the ziplocks held up, and I convinced Brock NOT to take the fish out to hold like he REALLY wanted to. But, the best part of the day was the conversation down the mountain. Brock assured me that the fish were not dead. That we were going to go home and put them in water in the back yard and they'd swim again...I'd see. I tried to explain that fish can't live outside of water, and that his fish were dead, and NOT coming back to life. he sat quietly for a minute thinking about this. I was afraid he'd never want to fish again. After a minute or two of silence; I thought we were past the dead fish thing, Brock informed me," Mommy you're wrong, my fish are going to rose again like Jesus. You'll see" Gotta love the insight of a 3 year old:)

Here's a picture of Brock, Uncle Brad and the "Jesus Fish"

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