Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Report Card

This post is really for the Grandma's:) Yesterday we had a parent teacher conference for Brock. It seems funny - He's 3 , goes to school two mornings a week, but they had quite a lot to tell us. Brock LOVES school. He asks almost every morning when he gets up if he gets to go to school that day. I am amazed at what he's already learned. So now, I have to brag a bit about his teachers report. His teachers gave him outstanding in every area. He knows: all his letters - by sight and sound, he can count to 29, he's starting to sound things out, he loves rhyming, sorting, puzzles, patterns, and at the top of his list - Dancing and wrestling. He's very social, and really enjoys the kids in his class. He never passes a chance to stand in front of the class to share, help, or lead. That's my boy:) I'm so glad he's doing well in school. I was worried when he started that he might be too young, but he's proven that not to be the case. So, as a celebration of Brock's good report card, we had frosties last night, and Brock got to be the "Man of the Hour"

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:corinne: said...

Oh look at him all grown up! What a cutie he is and I'm so excited that the Lord is already shaping him into the man HE wants him to be. You're a proud mama all right ;)