Friday, February 6, 2009

More Joys In Potty Training

So today was just another day in the life of Dane learning to pee in the potty. Things were going pretty well... until this evening. My mom came by to have dinner with us, because Bobby had to work late. Of course, Dane is still buck naked from the waist down - it's the ONLY way he'll use the potty. As soon as I put pants or underware or a diaper on him, he just goes in those. I'd have to agree that the naked sight is a bit disturbing, but we do what we gotta do. After dinner, and hours of successful peeing on the potty, I thought maybe Dane's ready for training pants - I wanted to save my mom from any more nakedness. He'd just peed so I though it was a good time to try. Not more than 60 seconds later, Dane is yelling from behind the sofa, "I peed on the drapes!" Sure enough, he'd managed to keep a reserve stash of pee, and claimed behind the sofa and let loose on the floor and drapes. But the fun doesn't stop there.. oh no. While I'm cleaning that mess up, he yells "Look I pooped!" I thought since this time he was yelling from the bathroom, that we'd had success. Oh no... he'd pooped on the rug - next to the potty! There goes another load of laundry. I hope you all are having a more sanitary night:)

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