Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where did the week go?

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted. A lot has happened - how could it not with three little ones, but I've just been to dang sick to post. I HATE morning/all day sickness!!!!!! I took these picks of the boys pretending to be mommy - yes they are both pretending to "Fro-up" as Dane says:)

Today, Superbowl Sunday was suppose to be my "Big Break". My brother and his wife are having a Superbowl party, and chili cook off competition. Bobby spent hours last night preparing his HOT chili, and My mom and grandma where lined up to come over after church to watch my kiddos. We were going to "Party" kid free. (As much as you can party 7 weeks pregnant and sick as a dog) I was really looking forward to sitting and EATING!!! However, plans changed this morning. My poor mom was up all night with the flu - I'm sure she got it from my kids, so no babysitter, which means no Superbowl party:( Since Bobby's chili is beef - and I don't eat red meat, and it's way too hot for the little ones, he couldn't let it all go to waste, so he got together with a few buddies, and I'm home with the kids. We are trying to still enjoy our situation. The kids are once again playing dress-up, lassoing the doors, and riding wild hippos. We have now set up our "Movie Theater" in the family room for a special movie treat - what ever keeps them occupied so I can lay down:)

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