Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potty Training*$%^&$%$#

Dane is 2 1/2 now, and it is DEFINITELY time for the boy to be potty trained. With another baby on the way, I am NOT going to have 3 in diapers!! I've been working on it for quite a while, and I am a strong believer, that it will happen when they are ready. However, Dane may be the exception. He'll be 3 in April, and has NO interest. I've tried everything, and I finally realize I have to do what I did with Brock - strip them naked from the waist down. It is working - if he's naked he'll use his potty, and he's very excited about it, but the second I put a diaper or just pants on him, he just goes in those. So today, I made that mistake - I thought maybe he was ready for pants since he's been doing so good - oh I was so wrong. The two little ones had just gotten up from their naps, and I had to change their diapers. I had just changed Dane, and he begged me to put his pants on- so I gave in - He promised he's use the potty when he had to go and NOT pee in his pants. So, then I started changing Briley's diaper. I swear not more than 20 seconds later he starts yelling I PEED my pants! Sure enough, all over the kitchen floor. So I quickly finished wiping Briley up, ran and got Dane, stripped him and headed for the sink where I found thawing Chicken (for tonight's dinner). After moving the chicken, I stared giving Dane a quick kitchen bath in the sink and looked up to see Little Miss Briley sitting in her pretty pink sundress right in the middle of the pee, splashing away!! Needless to say, both my little banchees have been stripped and scrubbed as well as my kitchen floor - oh look and now it's time to make dinner:) LOL and my husband always wonders what we do all day.


Loni's World said...

LOL - I know its bad for laughing at you but that is too funny.
I can picture her sitting in the pee haha kids are too funny!
Poor thing! There you are just trying to be prego and these kids are making you work! haha

Jen said...

LOL That's called perfect least for them! Things aren't supposed to be that easy for us Mommies! Having them hangout naked worked for my two kids. Also, it's so white trash but my son refused to pee in anything except for the bush in the backyard. Hey at least it got him out of diapers...and now thankfully, on the toilet.