Monday, June 22, 2009

Bobby's BIG weekend

Saturday was Bobby's birthday, and Sunday was Father's day - so as you can guess, he had a big weekend:) We (Bobby and I) went away Friday night to Laguna Beach. We left Friday afternoon, and came home Saturday night. It was soo nice to get away just us for a little bit.

Thank you SOOOOO much mom and grandma for staying with the kids.

Friday we checked into our hotel, hung out, went to Las Brisas for diner - yummy:) then headed to the block in Orange to meet some friends at the Improv to see Jay Moore. Super funny guy.
Saturday was so nice Bobby got up early, went and got breakfast, and we had breakfast in bed (you would have thought it was my birthday:) Then we stayed in bed until 11!!! That could NEVER happen at home. We would have been attacked by wild hungry monkeys by 7am.
When we finally got up we went to lunch, and then a movie. We spent the next few hours roaming around the Block, we got the kids gifts, and then went to another yummy, quiet, long dinner:) It was so nice to have Bobby all to my self:)

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Bridget said...

oh how nice! what i would give for one night away haha!