Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So my kiddos are kind of korkey sometimes. As you may remember from past posts, Briley LOVES sticking things up her nose(and occasionally in her ears). Thank God she doesn't do it all the time anymore - now it's just once in a while, but there was a time I couldn't leave the house without a small flashlight and tweezers in order to dig what ever it was out. Gross, I know. Oh and Dane.... he used to bite his toenails - thank God we are finally past that one. I honestly could go on and on with the ridiculous stuff they do. However recently Briley has started the worst habit of all - She RIPS her clothes. She gets bored in her car seat, and starts pulling on ruffles, leggings, bows what ever until it rips!!! I swear it is almost enough to make me cuss!!! Unfortunately we aren't in line for hand-me-downs so I have to buy all her clothes, and I can't sew!! This behavior has to stop now, before she starts looking homeless with all her ripped clothing!!

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