Monday, January 12, 2009

Cuddle Time

Briley is our happy little lady - it takes alot to upset her - however diaper rash is one of those things. She hardly ever gets it, but for some reason right now she has it pretty bad. I had just given her an Aveno milk bath and when we came down stairs I handed her to Daddy while I cleaned up dinner. I had to capture this on film it's very rare. Briley is NOT a cuddlier. She'll give tons of hugs and kisses, but then she's off. She's a busy little thing. But last night, she cuddled with her Daddy for atleast half an hour (while he watched sports:) What a lucky guy!


:corinne: said...

Too freakin cute is all I have to say! She fell asleep too...I see a scrap page comin on...LOL

Bridget said...

Farrah has really bad diaper rash right now too. I've never had a baby have it this bad. I'll have to try the aveno bath. Thanks. I'm wondering if it's teething? I'll take the cuddles though:)

Laura said...

How adorable! I love the thumb-sucking pics. My Annie was a thumb sucker...I miss that age.