Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While the boys are sleeping... the girls are playing

Today has just been one of those days. I got up early, and got going. By 8:30, all three kiddos were bathed, fed, and dressed, and I was jumping in the shower. However, my shower got cut short by the sound of Mr. Dane throwing up on my bathroom floor. I hoped and prayed it was just a fluke thing, that he wasn't really sick because I had so many things that I had to get done. He said he felt fine after I cleaned him up and the floor/cabinets/tub... Not wanting to loose hope that I could really have us all ready and out of the house with car packed, snacks packed, everything I needed for my errands, I kept going. I got everything packed, and was ready to load kids, when Dane started round two - all over the kitchen. Needless to say, we haven't been able to leave the house... poor Daner. Right now, both boys are down for a nap, so Briley and I had a little photo shoot - I just had to share. I needed a picture for this Sunday (we're dedicating Briley). These are the two I'm trying to decide between.


Loni's World said...

I like the first one.

Susie said...

Hope you're little guy is feeling better soon, Shannon- vomitting fits are no fun for Mama.

P.S I'm probably no help- but I like the 2nd one :)

Bridget said...

both cute but i vote first one.