Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hair Cuts

I ran upstairs to put Bri down for her morning nap and take a quick shower while Bobby watched the boys. I came down stairs to my freshly cleaned - JUST mopped kitchen to find my husband cutting the boys hair on the counter - yes, hair falling everywhere. My first response - what the heck!! - at least put down a towel!!! But then I had to stop myself - if he wasn't cutting their hair, next week I'd have to load the three amigos into the car drive to the kiddy salon, unload everyone, wait for who knows how long until they each got a turn - hope that this one would be a good one - not a bad one (it's always risky) pack candy to bribe the kids, and try to get them out of the play area and back into the car with out shedding too much blood. That would take a lot longer and a lot more effort than just re vacuuming the floor and cleaning the counters - so hunny thanks for the messy kitchen you saved me a lot of work:)

Good job Daddy:)

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:corinne: said...

The haircuts look great! He outta start his own "fading" business...LOL