Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy almost St Patric's Day

Yesterday Brock's preschool class ran the school's morning chapel. they sang songs, lead the pledges, shared memory verses, and taught the meaning of St. Patric's Day as well as the meaning of the three leaf clover: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit- the Trinity. He was very excited - He's his father's son - loves being on stage:)

Sorry the pictures turned out so bad, the lighting was really dim.
After the big performance, we went to a family favorite - Chick-fil-A. Grandma Chris was with us, so we had a blast. The kids think Chick-fil-A is a mini Disneyland:) And, since I had coupons for free kids meals, I was thrilled too:)

Oh but the fun didn't stop there. I needed to start getting supplies for Dane's party, so we the headed for another family favorite The Dollar Tree:) Dane's birthday falls on Easter this year, so we're having a big Easter Birthday bash the day before with egg decorating a bounce house and of course and egg hunt:) So, the Dollar Tree was perfect with cute baskets, eggs, candy and decorating supplies. Grandma Chris gave each of the kids $2 to get two toys. Dane was happy with anything, and had toys picked in seconds, Brock how ever had to look at EVERY toy in the store, and changes him mind many many times. He finally decided on a monster truck and a glow stick - which ment that we'd be building forts when we got home for the glow sticks. He of course convinced Dane that he too wanted a monster truck and glow stick. Briley saw a baby and started screaming for that. It cracks me up how truly different boys and girls are. The boys would have NEVER EVER in a million years chosen a baby, but Briley saw it from across the aisle and started screaming for it. As if she doesn't have enough dolls:)
Oh but the fun didn't stop there - it was now off for smoothies - Mommy's been CRAVING one for days. There are benifits to the family when Mommy's pregnant. The fun continued after naps to meet Grammy to look for Easter outfits and have dinner. Brock told Daddy that night when we got home that he had had the funnest day ever. You're probably thinking - it just sounds like a lot of erran

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