Sunday, March 29, 2009


This Saturday was back on the soccer field. It was their final time. Brock was so excited, and Dane, well Dane was Dane. They played their first "game". Up until this point, the coach has been working on how to play soccer (dribbling, shooting, stealing, blocking...) Brock did great. He was all over the ball. Dane, well he had his own type of fun. As Brock ran up and down the field, Dane decided to sit down in the middle of the field, take off his socks and shoes, and through them all over the field, and roll around. They play on that new fake grass, and Dane just loved the feel:) The team was for 3 and 4 year olds. Dane isn't quite three yet, but I begged lem to let him play. I thought he'd be devastated if he didn't get to play too... I think I may have been wrong.

Look closely at this pic. Yes, in the top left corner that is Dane beyond the goal, laying on the ground, and my poor mom trying to get him up. He was totally content rolling on the fake grass, and digging in the rubber dirt:)

After the game they had a pizza party and awards ceremony. My boys were ecstatic about getting their first trophies.

We had quite the full day, after pizza we went to Grammy's for a little bike riding (we went to the park Friday night to ride, and Brock took a pretty good fall, missed his elbow pads, and got a good size cut. So, we wanted to get right back up and tackle any new fears.)
Then came dinner...
we went to Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday. The boys, especially Brock was soooo excited to show everyone his new trophy. Bobby and I went on and on about how fragile trophy's are and how easy they break. We kept telling the boys to be careful. They of course didn't listen, and yep I'm sure you can guess... Brock broke his. Oh, it was heart breaking. The look on the poor boys face. He tried so hard not to cry. Thank God for Daddy. When we got home he headed to the garage, and did his magic. He took it to Brock who was already in bed, who responded with "I knew you could do it Daddy." Thank god he saved the day again:)


DayTriiipper said...

This is the CUTEST story ever! I got all misty-eyed. :)

:corinne: said...

Okay I just loooove the picture of the boys holding up there trophies. How freakin cute are they? Poor Brock...thank goodness for Daddy the hero to fix it.