Saturday, March 14, 2009

Names, Names, Names

So we're now 13 weeks into this pregnancy, and I'm pretty happy to say, that I think we've got our names figured out. Although it wasn't too hard - they told us Briley was going to be a boy, so we had a name and the nursery (almost) ready. Thank God we could repaint and sell the bedding on e-bay so i could go all out girlie - the nursery was going to be vintage Harley's - no way would that work for Miss Briley. Anyways, back to names: as of right now
Boy - Canaan (I'm voting for Gage as the middle) Hartz - yes, after the Promise Land
Girl - Dylnn McKenzie Hartz

And yes, once again my mom doesn't like our name choices. Sorry mom, but I think these two are stickin:)


Cari~ said...

I heart both of those names, especially the girl name!! :0) I think Bri wants a baby sister to play dolls with!


Oh and dude, running together?? Ya, we'll be a 21 year old triathlete (you) and a 4 year old with ingrown toenails (me)!! :0(

:corinne: said...

Love the names Shan! So cute. I can't wait to find out what we're having...Dylnn or Canaan's playmate!