Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet the Triplets:)

Last night I headed to the hospital to visit Corinne and her little three. Everyone is doing so good. Chris is one proud Papa, Corinne is feeling so much better, and the three babies are all breathing on their own:)
Corinne had a tough time during before, during and after delivery. Her blood pressure was and is still pretty high, she had a bit of a problem with bleeding and clotting and needed a blood transfusion, and wasn't able to see the babies for about a day and a half because she was so out of it.
But all is good now, she's up and walking, visiting and holding her little ones, and it looks like she'll be going home on Friday. Please continue to pray that her blood pressure lowers, and the swelling from the preclampsia continues to go down.

As for the triplets they are doing great!!! No one is on a ventilator or oxygen. They only have ivy's in. They are a bit jaundice, so they're under the lamps, which is expected for 33 weekers:)
And, for your viewing pleasure.... I included pictures of course.
Cloe and Kendra look like Daddy with light hair (looks like they are going to be blonde's) and Kai has dark hair like mommy. Oh they are just precious!!!
I've gotta admit, walking in the NICU room, it was a bit overwhelming... who do you go to first!!! Holy cow... there are three!! Chris and Corinne REALLY do have their hands full. Please continue to lift them in your prayers as they prepare to bring this herd home:)


Marie Evelyne Lanathoua said...

Beautiful, congrats to all of you!

Kristal said...

Those babies are precious angels!!

The Tanimoto Trio said...

They are so sweet, I bet you are getting excited for your little one. I know I am but I have a ways to go still...