Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh Dane!?!?

We've been having a horrible problem with ants... they are everywhere. Every morning I wake up and dread coming down stairs to see where they ventured to during the night. I decided to try to make it a fun game with the boys and have them help me go "ant hunting". I gave them each a "smasher" and we set out. A second later, Brock informs me that Dane likes to use knifes to kill bugs.
He told me that last night he killed a pincher bug with a knife.
When I asked him where he got the knife, Dane informed he, "from the knife drawer"
Through further questioning I found out that some time after 10:45 (when we came up stairs to go to bed) Dane went down stairs, got into our silverware drawer, pulled out a knife, took it up stairs, killed the pincher bug, then went back down stairs and put the knife away!!!!
This is the same child who I discovered last week got up during the night, went down stairs, got my sharp scissors, carried them up to his room and used them to cut off a tag that was bugging him at night. He was pretty proud of himself for that. He said that's what you do Mommy when it bugs me and you were sleepin'.
Oh Lord Please protect this little boy!!
How am I ever going to be able to sleep now?

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