Saturday, July 11, 2009

What was I thinking?!?!?

I decided to keep Brock in preschool for the summer for three mornings a week (MWF). I knew that I probably wouldn't be up for weekly beach trips and tons of other outings this summer since I'm in my third trimester. His preschool has a great summer school program: a wild west theme, with weekly water days, horse back riding, chili cook off, cowboy living, and of course tons of art and kindergarten prep. I also signed the boys up for swimming lessons and baseball.
Swimming started on Monday, and it is every day for the next two weeks. The boys love it, but just let me say - I am MELTING!!! It is really hot on that pool deck!!
Baseball ended up starting a week sooner than I thought. It started this Friday.
Thus... yesterday was complete craziness in 96 degree weather!!
Brock had preschool in the morning, and an hour of it was outside water play. I then picked him up, changed his clothes in the car, and we all headed to the pool deck for swimming lessons. Thank God both boys take lessons at the same time. Then back to the car we ran for another "Costume change" into their clothes for baseball. Swimming ended at 2, Dane's baseball was at 3 at a park across town, and Brock's was at 4 - at least at the same park.
It was total craziness. My kids were so wiped out - I have to admit that was nice. Briley did so good tagging along with us. She did love finally getting to run around at the park for a bit. Here are a few pics from the crazy day.


Heather said...

U are crazy girl!!!

:corinne: said...

Oh wow craziness is right! Well I'm glad you survived. Love the pics of them in their baseball grown up.