Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Brock's Bed"

So ever since the boys had their sleep over with Grandma Chris, Dane has been begging to sleep in Brock's bed again. So, Friday night I though why not, let's see how they do. About 20 after brushing their teeth, putting on PJ's, tucking them in and saying our prayers, I went in to check on them. Dane was up, getting books out of Brock's book shelf - Brock was in bed, dictating what books to grab. When Brock saw me, he made sure to point out that he wasn't out of bed just Dane, but Dane was only getting books for them to read. So, I helped Dane find a few books for them to read together - so freakin cute:), and helped him back in bed. It was too cute, I did spy on them a few times over the next half hour - they did "read" books together, and shared secrets, but the best... they fell asleep holding hands. Yes, I had to take a picture - I don't ever want to forget this precious night, and as I'm sure you can guess, this won't be the last time I let Daner sleep in Brock's room. They did move their hands a little when the flash went off, but it's still too cute:)

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Lisa Hunter said...

That is priceless!!! I love it.