Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jada Update

On Halloween, between school party, pumpkin carving and trick or treating, I was able to squeeze in a trip to the vet for Jada. She was looking very pregnant, leaking milk constantly, and we were afraid puppies where coming any day. The vet took one look and felt her abdomen and thought yes, but wanted to take an xray to confirm and get the count. The verdict.... false pregnancy!!! No puppies!!! Not that a small crazy part of me wasn't excited about the idea of puppies - I think I'm having baby with drawls. Briley just turned a year, I just weaned her, and we're probably done having babies. As soon as Brock turned one, we got pregnant with Dane, when he was 9 months we got pregnant with Briley. Yesterday I bought regular multi-vitamins, and almost started crying. I've been buying prenatal for years - we planned Brock so I started taking them months before we started trying, and then I nursed each one a year - so it's been a constant cycle. Anyways, I know puppies would have been crazy, but I though for a split second, maybe this is God's way of helping fill the baby void. But praise God it's not. The x-ray showed no puppies, just a swollen uterus - equal in size to one at 9 weeks. And yes, Jada is lactating. I think she really wants puppies. Poor baby girl. She'd be a good momma dog too.

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