Monday, November 10, 2008


I really feel like church is very important for both our kids, and my husband and I. We really try to make it an important event in our week - but I must say, with three little ones it's hard. Not getting to church, or putting them in their room, because they all love their classes and wave bye as they run in to the rooms, but because it never fails... someone always seems to come home sick!! My doctor told me that if they pick something up at church, it will usually show up Tue. I know, today is only Monday, but it was LAST Tue. that they started getting sick!!! I wanted to give it time, I thought that they'd be able to fight it off themselves. I hate running to the Doctor every time they get sick. Well, unfortunately no one's gotten better, only worse. I shouldn't have waited this long, but by the time they started with fevers it was the weekend, and my Doctor was out. Mr. Dane has been sporting a fever running between 101 and 102.7. Briley's got boogie bubbles - I know yuck, and Brock's eye was crusted shut this morning - apparently sinus infections can drain through the eye - double yucky!!! The doctor says Briley is the worse even though she seems to feel the best - and the boys think they are dying:) I think this just goes to show, females are the toughest sex - even from birth. Speaking of birth... thank God we are the ones that go through it, and not the guys or there wouldn't be a family in the world with more than one child if that:) My boys, as you can see from the pictures are laying around wining, while Briley is running laps around them - boogers and all.

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:corinne: said...

Oh I hope the babies get better :). Well feeling sick Bri sure is all smiles :)