Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yes, we were one of the hundreds of families who were evacuated this weekend. It's funny when you only have a few minutes to grab things, and only so much space in the car once all three kids, two dogs and a cat are in, what is really important and what goes and what stays. It started Saturday evening, we got the kids in bed and we headed to bed. It was early, but it had been a long day i had a boutique all day and Bobby had watched the kiddos:) As we laid in bed I told Bobby, that we needed a game plan if we had to evacuate. It was pretty clear that the fire was getting closer, we could see it from our bedroom window. Okay - the family albums, the scrapbooks, the home movies, some clothes, toiletries, pictures off the walls and around the house, and yes all my bows and "bowtique" stuff. We had only been talking for a few minutes when it came across the news that Vellano was being evacuated... that's us!! Game on - out of bed we jumped - it was go time. Within minutes we had a call from 911 telling us to evacuate. We back up to Carbon Canyon, and we didn't realize the fire was raging through there and coming at us from that way as well as to our south. I gotta say, I was pretty proud of us - we had all pictures, albums, important documents, videos, clothes, pets and kids in the car in record time. I headed to my mom's with the kids while Bobby stayed back. Although at about 2 am he had to leave too, the fire came just down the street. It's been a little scary, not knowing what was going on all day. They wouldn't let us anywhere near it our home, and the news coverage wasn't very good on our area. But around 6pm it came across on the Internet that they were letting residence return. Praise God, no damage:) just a stinky smokey house. So, thank you for your prayers and for all the calls offering help.


Sara's little angels said...

Wow, how scary that is.... glad to hear everyone got out safe and sound. You were in my prayers!

Jeanine said...

Hi ran across your blog through feedjit. I wanted to say thank God you and your family and home all are safe. I live in Big Bear and know the fear of an evacuation. (we have been evacuated 3 times in four years) Just trying to get out the important items in minutes is just crazy! Our prayers are with you, many tears have been shed for all of you. Take care and you have a great blog.