Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have to say, I think my kids are pretty lucky... they have the most amazing Great- Grandma. Grandma Chris, my grandma, is very involved with my little ones. She comes over once a week to hang out with us, and with the extra set of eyes, I'm able to get alot more cleaning done, and bow orders filled. My kids LOVE her, and really look forward to the days she comes. I swear sometimes she acts like a kid herself:) Sometimes I have to keep an eye on her, because she can never say no to my little blue eyed ones, and if given the opportunity, she has them on her back playing horsey. She doesn't seem to know that she'll be 79 next month. Monday she spent the day with us, and stayed over Monday night for a sleep over with my boys. They'd been talking about doing it for weeks, and everyone was really excited - especially Brock who LOVES to lay in bed talking and telling stories. It was also the first time Dane slept in Brock's room. These are a few pictures I took after they all fell asleep. The boys had so much fun, and I think Dane may be permanently sleeping in Brock's room. They both begged us last night, we said no, but the more we thought about it, (I think we're a little soft), the more we thought why not?! So, they don't know it yet, but if they ask, tonight will be saying yes:).... and I don't think it will be long before Grandma Chris is joining them again too.

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