Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm finally BACK:)

Our computer has been broken for about a week now. I had no idea how much I used the internet until now. It's been horrible - I feel so unconnected to the outside world - maybe I need to get out more:) Let me try to catch up - alot has happend in the past week.
First, the night in the tent... Dane was ready for his own bed by 9. He's my sleeper and he was ready for bed. Brock however is our night owl if we let him, and he was driving his sleepy brother crazy with all his talking. Brock staying in the tent alone until 10:30 when he decided to crawl into his own bed. It's now a week later, and the tent is still up in the landing. The boys love playing in it so much that I havn't taken it down yet.

Second, we had a COOKIE PARTY last week with some friends and their little ones. We usually exchange Christmas gifts with the kids, but we decided this year, with things being so tight that we'd have a cookie/sweet party instead. The kids had a great time... lots and lots of sugar:) These pics are of Heather and her two (Avah and Brenan), Desi, Brock, Dane, Briley and Denise with her little one, Sadie.

Thirdly, we went camping last weekend. We took our motorhome to Anaheim and camped next to Disneyland, and then Pop and Weezie (Bobby's parents) joined us for a fun, cold day at Disneyland. The last time we went Dane was just a baby. The kids LOVED it - I have to admit, I think all 4 adults did too.

I also made a smilebox of the day
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While we were in Disneyland, my boys saw Jedi swords.... oh they just HAD to have them. We'd promised them that they could each choose a small toy to get to remember our fun day - of course they had to choose a weapon:) This is a picture of Dane in the motorhome that night with his sword. The next day at home, I was unloading the dishwasher when I heard a funny sound. I guess it had been going on for a while but I just hadn't noticed due to the clanking of unloading the dishes. My little Jedi, I dicovered, had decided to take his new sword into battle with the Christmas tree. It's amazing how much damage a plastic sword can do on glass ornaments. I think the final count was 14 shattered balls. I'm sure you can only imaging the anount of glass. So, I just have to say - Christmas morning is going to be a bit dangerouse at our house - I really tried, but I know I didn't get all the broken pieces out of the gifts. I'll have bandages and tweezers ready and waiting.

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