Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Tent

So I took little Miss Briely and we headed out to do some stocking shopping while the boys stayed home with Daddy and took a nap. When we returned, we found the tent (that we'd set aside to sell at the garage sale since our family out grew it) up in the family room. Before I left, we'd built a fort out of sofa pillows, but apparently that kept falling down, so Daddy had a better idea. The kids LOVED it-so much, that they begged us to let them sleep in it tonight. I wasn't too excited about the boys being alone downstairs all night - I can ONLY IMAGINE what they'd get into, and our house is way too big, we'd never hear a thing.

So we decide to compromise. We have a space on our landing that was suppose to be our library with book shelves and desks, but that project hasn't happened, so we have the perfect tent space:) -in the hall between the boys rooms and ours, with a baby gate blocking the way downstairs for Mr. 2 go on 16 year old - Dane. I filled the tent with blankets, pillows, flashlights and books so now we just have to see how it goes. I'll update tomorrow - I have a feeling around 3am we'll have a little blue eyed visitor wanting to climb in our bed:)

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:corinne: said...

Oh how fun for the boys! Ok love the pic of them with their tongues hanging out. LOL