Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My cursing 2 year old

Dane, my 2 year old can't pronounce the "s" sound - it comes out as the "F" sound. This has become a bit of a problem lately. I took the kids to Michael's the other day because I needed to get a few supplies to finish some bow orders - I bribed them with suckers at the end if they were good. It was crazy busy, and the lines were all at least 5 people deep. As soon as we got in line, Dane's eyes wondered up to the counter where he saw suckers. He remembered my promise, and knew he's been good -he decided it was time for his treat and tuned to me yelling "Mommy!!*ucker!! The look on the surrounding peoples faces was priceless. He said it with such passion and volume, that everyone in all 4 lines heard him. As he passionately repeated himself - getting louder and louder, I tried hard not to laugh. In front of me were two older women giving me the most disgusted look. I'm sure they were thinking, what kind of mother is this, letting her 2 year old use such fowl language - no wonder our youth are such a mess!! Finally I was able to pull myself together and I had to explain to everyone in the line, that me son was not cursing, but rather that he can't pronounce "S" - it comes out as "F". He is not vulgar - rather he just wants a treat. It did take some a few minutes to figure all that out, but then they all joined in in my laughing, and the women in front of us quickly changes their expressions.
The next day, my mom and I took the kids to see Santa, and we were talking in the car about what the boys were going to ask Santa for. Brock, of course - transformers and Dane - first said "*ucker" but then changed his mind to M&M's (he's my happy eater:) Brock turned to him and said, "No Dane, you said sucker, you need to tell Santa that you want a sucker." Dane - turned to Brock, and with great passion yelled, "No Fucker, M&M's" He continues making this declaration to his brother until both my mom and I were crying from trying to hold in the laughter. Thank God my boys don't know that it's a curse word, and they really are being innocent. Brock thought we were laughing because Dane only wants candy, no toys. I realized at this point I had to work hard with Dane to NOT say what he didn't want (A *ucker), but only what he did want; M&M's when he talked to Santa. We practiced enough, and Dane stuck to the game plan - we avoided offending Santa, so we think he still plans on giving us a visit Christmas Eve:)

Poor Briley had fallen asleep and got woken up to see Santa - she was not happy:(

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Loni's World said...

How Funny! I love it when kids are so innocent and have no idea what the words they say mean.
I would have been crying! :) They are sure cuties!