Tuesday, April 21, 2009

poop, poop, ants and more poop

Yesterday just about did me under. I was awoken by my wonderful 3 year old, sneaking in our room, and then blasting his toy electric guitar by the side of our bed to greet us with a sweet morning wake up song:) Yes, it woke up the entire house. I quickly ran from room to room, gathering kids and changing diapers. Then we headed downstairs. Snack, our cat had pooped in the living room - good morning to me.... then into the kitchen we wondered, where I was greeted by out two labs, who had also pooped in the house. Jada, our female is in heat, and Bailey although he is fixed can't even control his bodily funtions during this time. Once again, good morning mommy.

Dane is STILL being potty trained. He does fine with the peeing, but pooping is another story. If he doesn't have on a diaper, he just holds it and swears he doesn't need to go. I literally have to put a diaper on the poor guy so he'll poop. Sunday we spent the day swimming in the pool - so no poop. This ment that yesterday he had Sunday's poop and Monday's poop to deal with. That's right he blessed me with a total of 7 poopy diapers yesterday - I think his system is pretty cleaned out now. I think the wonderful pool water did a nimber on all of them. Someone was pooping atleast ever 20 minutes!!

Then the ants. I HATE ANTS. In our last house, we were taken over. I had to have a bug guy come out ever week for months. Yesterday I kept finding the stupid little things everywere - up and down stairs. So, we now have a new fun game at our house - Ant hunting. Who ever killls the most gets some Easter candy.

And totally off the subject, my Docters office just called. Looks like last week when I piled up all the kids, and headed to the lad to have my blood drawn with all my wild little ones in toe for my AFP test, I forgot to sign something, and now... I GET TO DO IT ALLL OVER AGAIN.

Okay, I'm done venting - I just had to get it out so I could move on, and enjoy the day - Please God no more poop!!!!


Kristal said...

I hear you on the ants! They drive me crazy! Jaxon has a new thing where he likes to take a granola bar into the shower with Daddy...and guess what I find the next day? Millions of ants in the shower. And the poop too...I just have two kids and am changing poop all day. Bless you for your busy life of poop and ants!

Loni's World said...

I love the heat but when the heat starts, the ants make there way into my house and it drives me nuts! Baby powder works, but then you have to have a house full of white powder lines everywhere lol (it looks like the ultimate 80's party if you get the idea)

Have fun ant hunting I will be doing the same ;)

Good luck on the poop.

:corinne: said...

I'm sending you a hug girlie! Oh and maybe some ant spray and lysol spray. LOL