Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sacrifice

I have so much fun stuff to share, Dane's Birthday party, baskets, Easter.. but I had to share something that was really on my heart first. I was just reading a friend of mine (Cari's) blog, and I responded to one of her posts, but I had to share here too.
I was raised in the church. Growing up, my Dad was actually a pastor, so Easter has always been a big holiday for us. I'm always convicted and humbled as I think of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us, for me. But, this year it's hit me in a different way. I'd always thought about it from Jesus' perspective. The sacrifice He made, giving up His life in such a horrific way so that we could be covered in His blood and be able to spend eternity with Him in heaven. However, for some reason I'd never thought about it from God's perspective. The first verse I learned as a child was John 3:16 " For He so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son..." I've been able to grasp the concept of sacrificing Himself, being willing to die to save another. In no way am I saying I could have done what He did, but that I can grasp. What I can't even begin to imagine is sacrificing your own child... I'd never thought of what God had to go through... Can you imagine the love that He has for us... being able to sacrifice your own Son, so that we - sinners - could live in eternity with Him? I've been overwhelmed with the love He has for me, for all of us. This has been a special Easter for us. Brock is 4 now, and finally able to really understand the true meaning and significance of Easter. I LOVE as I watch his little mind understand and begin to grasp how much God loves and cherishes him.


Cari~ said...

I'm so blessed that God uses us to reach each other. That definitely goes both ways... I love you so so much... :0)

Oh ya, the typo's thing... I have this thing with not wanting to read my own words after I type them so I know my blog and my comments to others are littered with errors. And I feel terrible because I AM an English teacher... So.............. no worries!


Anonymous said...

beautiful post.....