Friday, April 24, 2009

Swimmer plugs?!?!

So the other day, Loni from Loni's world left a comment suggesting I get swimmer nose plugs for Briley. I had to laugh, but now, I think I really have to get them!!! I have spent HOURS digging stuff out of that girls nose. If I look away for a second, she stuffs!!! Tonight, while I was heating up dinner (Daddy's working late, so it's left over night), I sat Bri in her high chair with a book. Before I knew it, she had ripped little pieces off the pages, and yep... you guessed it... crammed them up her nose!!!

She has a Dr. appointment on Monday, and I'm going to have to have the Dr. take a good long look up that nose with her light to see if I've missed anything.

Looks like I'll be making a run the the sporting good store tomorrow for some nose plugs!!


Loni's World said...

LOL That is so funny. But I agree it might help. Hopefully the doctor can help, I am sure they get that all the time. See my silly comments have some truth in them :) ha-ha. Good luck at the doctors.

:corinne: said...

That's a great thought...Try it. If not you could be spending a lot of time at the ER. No bueno! That lil Briley, she sure is feisty.

Anonymous said...


Is today the day, don't you have an appoitnment too.....My daughter Rebecca did the same, but we discovered alter (after the stench) that what was up her nose was...the stench....we was bad!


Cari~ said...

Ok sister... Today's the day!!! I'm dying to hear about your appt. Boy baby or girl baby????


Anxiously waiting,

Anonymous said...

That's right, I had to look back to is the day!!!