Friday, April 17, 2009

Tools for Battle

Last night the boys had a slumber party with there Grandma and Great-Grandma. That meant it was just little Miss Briley. We went to Target last night to get a few things - I forgot how much easier it is with just one!! I had to laugh, I was thinking about the first time that I went out with Brock when he was a baby. it was also to Target, with Heather and Avah. Brock was probably about 2or3 weeks old. I was scared out of my mind. Given, he was VERY VERY colicky, and constantly was crying, but it's so funny to think about now.

Anyways, back to why I'm posting -

So this morning I made Briley and I an egg white omelet. She loves eggs. While I was cleaning up, and she was still eating I noticed something was sticking out of her nose... She had been shoving egg up her nose. As I began to dig it out of both sides with my nail I realized she's done quite a lot of stuffing. I dug out tons, but on one side I could still see egg way up there! So I moved on to the next tool - my super powered booger sucker - that I LOVE by the way. I couldn't believe how much more it got out. However, much to my dismay - there was more even further up!!! After much trying... I had to resort to tweezers - thank God she sat still for me. I am proud to say though, after a minor "Surgery" we are now egg free. Hopefully I can keep lunch out of her nose....


Loni's World said...

LOL OMG! that is too funny. with all of the babies i have been around I think this is the first egg nose shoving incident I have heard of.

:corinne: said...

Holy Smokies lil Bri. She's a woman of determination. I can just see her lil brain thinking..."I wonder how much egg will fit in my nose?". LOL Thanks goodness for the booger sucker.